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Generator Efficiency Improvement For A Recycling Plant

Generator Efficiency Improvement For A Recycling Plant

The client had three 500kVA diesel generators operating two large recycling machines.

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

Johnson & Phillips was approached to assist with implementing a new HV supply. This application will take 18 months, so in the meantime, we provided a fast return and cost-saving option across the generators.

The Solution

Johnson & Phillips have the technology to improve the efficiency of generators. This technology was applied to their diesel generators. We also have the capability to apply it to the following: CHP units, gas generators, hybrid generators, diesel farms, wind farms, oil and gas, mining and anaerobic digestion plants.

The Results

Generator 1 was off-hired. Generator 2 had a 30% fuel improvement and ran off the hired generator load. Generator 3 decreased by 60%, and the alternative saved 50% on fuel.

Key Benefits: