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High Speed Step Load Welding Application

High Speed Step Load Welding Application

Having won a prestigious contract to supply rebar lattice for a reinforcing project, the main contractor dropped a bombshell on our client. There was no mains power!

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

Our client had purchased a very fast lattice welder which would not run on a diesel generator without excessively oversizing the alternator. It would be impossible to site a containerised generator capable of running the machine which normally required a 1.6m VA supply.

Johnson & Phillips were approached due to our expertise in power quality solutions. Our senior engineers considered the application and specification of the machine.

The Solution

Johnson & Phillips provided a compensation system which ensured a 1:1 linear compensation. This prevented inrush, stabilised voltages and generally ensured the security of the supply. This is all part of our voltage optimisation services that we provide all around the UK.

The Results