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Metal Recycling Company Case Study

A Cleaner, More Reliable Power Source

Our client is one of Wales’ leading waste management and recycling specialists. They provide IT and electronics recovery and recycling, scrap metal collection and recycling, factory clearance, waste management services, demolition services and ELV (End of Life Vehicles) collections and disposals for businesses and private individuals.

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

Johnson & Phillips won this job based on their extensive experience and knowledge of power systems. Numerous companies advised them that they could not run their new machine via the 500kVa transformer that they already had and were required to purchase a new large supply and transformer at a cost of £80,000; our solution was substantially less.

Johnson & Phillips analyzed the power of the machine when it was running on a generator. From the data produced, we knew that by correcting the power with Power Factor Correction, matched dynamically to their load, we could ensure enough capacity to allow them to use their existing transformer to power the machine.

Our Solution

Our client has a 500kVa transformer capable of producing around 700 amps of current. They have purchased a new crusher to improve the throughput of scrap metal. Johnson & Phillips ensured that the machine was running as efficiently as possible with a 0.99 power factor.

To achieve this, we installed an 800A switch and 300kVar of Dynamic Power Factor Correction. This enabled our client to run the new machine and eliminated the £12,000 a month that they had previously been paying for a generator large enough to run the machine.

The Results