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Power Factor Increased

Power Factor Increased From 0.6 To 0.99

Our client is one of the fastest-growing engineering companies in South Wales and has recently implemented the installation of some new CNC machinery.

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

Due to the rapid growth of the company and the installation of the new CNC machines, the increased load has caused severe problems with the incoming mains supply, and on many occasions, the mains fuse overloaded and blew, thus causing power blackout and the implications of resetting machines, wasting materials and loss of production.

The Solution

Johnson & Phillips measured the electricity supply over one week with a power analyzer, and the results were a 40% excess use in current; we measured a power factor of 0.6. We calculated that installing 150kVA of power factor correction would improve the power factor to 0.99 and improve the available current by 40%.

The Results