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Supply Upgrade From 2 X 800kVA To 2 X 1600kVA HV & LV Systems

Supply Upgrade From 2 X 800kVA To 2 X 1600kVA HV & LV Systems

Our client is one of the larger hospitals situated in the west midlands. They offer a variety of services from accident & emergency to maternity.

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

During the summer of 2016, Johnson & Phillips were requested to supply 2 1600kVA transformers and 2 2500A main switchboards interconnected to fit a predesigned switch room. This system also included Dynamic PFC and Auto Changeover.

Due to Johnson & Phillips’s belief in carrying stock, we were able to supply both transformers without delay. The main switchboard presented a challenge due to the space available in such a small designed switch room along with the stability of power due to the CT, MRI & radiotherapy equipment being supplied.

The Solution

Johnson & Phillips fully supported the Hospital trust’s requirements and were able to design a switchboard of 2 x 2500A Interconnected into a ‘U-shaped’ formation with front access. This switchboard also included thyristor-switched power factor correction to support the dynamics of the Radiotherapy and CT Scanning Equipment.

The Results

Our engineers carried out the following: