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Voltage Optimisation In The Healthcare

Voltage Optimisation - Healthcare

Our client is a hospital that serves the North Midlands, and they recently installed a new MRI unit. However, it was continually tripping out, which of course, makes it very temperamental to use for the hospital.

We have the results to back up our experience and knowledge.

The Challenge

The new MRI unit was suffering nuisance, tripping daily. Numerous contractors looked at the issue, and almost all stated it was due to harmonics.

Johnson & Phillips were contacted for their specialist knowledge of power to 11kV, and when our engineers attended the site, they could identify the problem almost immediately. To prove this, our engineers measured the supply to provide visual data. The following was found:

The Solution

Johnson & Phillips provided a full solution from the initial contact. All work was managed and manufactured in-house. Johnson & Phillips manufactured and installed the following:

The Results

Immediate solution with no more nuisance tripping, which means improved and more reliable patient care for the hospital.