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High Voltage Services Up To 33kV

High Voltage Services Up To 33kV

At Johnson & Phillips, we are constantly improving our service and now offer 33kV cabling, transformer and switchgear servicing. This is on top of our 11kV solutions, but with a higher voltage, additional precaution and a professional service are vital, and you can trust us to deliver.

At Johnson & Phillips, we are transforming energy with our 33kV expertise.

As a company, Johnson & Phillips has extensive experience with high-voltage private power networks. Our capabilities include working with high-voltage applications such as transformers, cabling, jointing, switchgear systems, protection systems, and substations up to 33kV.

From 11kV switchboards to 33kV transformers, regardless of the problem, we can provide a cost-effective solution and a 24/7 365 disaster recovery service. Feel free to contact our team with any queries or additional information you require for your business.

Our High Voltage Solutions

33kV Cabling

High-voltage cables, including 33kV cables, can be identified by their distinctive outer sheath and are typically installed underground, in cable ducting, or mounted on surfaces. When working with these types of cables, experienced high-voltage engineers, such as ourselves, are required. We specialise in 33kV cable jointing, termination, testing, and installation, and there is no cabling challenge we can’t overcome.

The Install, Repair & Service of Transformers Up To 33kV

A high-voltage power transformer, such as a 33kV example, will require an experienced team of engineers to install, repair or service the system. Whether it is a single transformer or a complex supply network, we have vast experience with 11kV and 33kV transformers. We can also offer comprehensive transformer testing to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Switchgear Services

As one of the leading switchgear manufacturers in the UK, we offer the complete package from start to finish. We have the capabilities to design, construct, install and maintain all types of switchgear. Whether it’s brand new out of the box or you want to retrofit and repair an older system, we provide the most suitable solution to ensure your electrical system is safe and reliable.

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