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Wind Farm Installers

Our Wind Farm Power Soluitions

From the initial design to installation, our expert team will ensure a reliable grid connection to your wind farm site and maximise its power potential. We’ve been involved in projects involving single wind turbines to 80 turbines, meaning no project is too big or too small, wherever you are located in the UK.

We are at the forefront of the rapidly expanding realm of wind power, one of the fastest-growing forms of renewable energy.

Wind Farm Design To Installation

Johnson & Phillips understands the importance of reliability in renewable energy projects, and grid connection issues can significantly impact a wind farm’s performance and profitability. Therefore, we employ advanced technologies and engineering solutions to optimize grid integration, minimize downtime, and maximize energy output.

We specialise in facilitating reliable grid connections for wind farm sites, which enables our clients to navigate the complexities of a wind turbine installation and grid connection with confidence.

Is My Land Suitable For Wind Turbines?

Several critical factors come into play when installing wind turbines on a client’s land, and Johnson & Phillips is well-equipped to navigate them.¬†Our comprehensive site assessments thoroughly examine factors such as wind potential, terrain, proximity to substations, and regulatory requirements.

Once site suitability is confirmed, we will handle the complexity of the grid connection. To do this, we design and implement essential infrastructure to efficiently transmit wind-generated electricity without interruptions. From feasibility studies to coordination with utilities and regulators, we manage every aspect with precision and efficiency.

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Why Use Johnson & Phillips For Your Wind Farm?

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