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Our Switchgear Services

At Johnson & Phillips, we are not just a manufacturer; we provide the full package when it comes to electrical switchgear systems. This is because we can design, manufacture, install and maintain standard and bespoke modular low-voltage systems up to 8500A for almost every application.

We can work on any system, add additional switches, modernise it and give you, the customer what you need when you need it.

Switchgear Manufacturer Specialist

We are one of the leading UK switchgear manufacturers with vast experience with connectors and switchgear. For high-voltage electrical equipment to operate safely and efficiently, the electrical supply from the switchgear unit needs to be optimised and tailored to your site requirements. This is where we provide the most suitable solution to ensure your electrical system is safe and reliable.

As well as manufacturing switchgear, we also offer the following when it comes to switchgear systems:

We build our switchboards in-house and can offer fast turn-around times to suit your requirements, and we have the capability to retrofit and repair older systems. Our switchgear systems contain the best components money can buy, ensuring the highest quality for our clients.

Electrical Switchgear Manufacturer
Switchgear Manufacturer

Improving Existing Switchgear

At Johnson & Phillips, we manufacture and install switchgear using the latest technology. However, we also provide many upgrades that will improve the efficiency and bring older switchgear systems up to date.

Below are some of the available upgrades:

Refurbishing your existing switchgear is a cost-effective solution, and we offer a range of upgrades. However, deciding when to replace the switchgear systems can depend on a range of factors such as the condition, age, frequency of faults, performance history and more. We strongly recommend that you get in touch and have one of our engineers thoroughly test the system.

Why Choose Johnson Phillips?

Our company operates throughout the United Kingdom and services our clients globally. With over 30 years of power distribution systems and power factor experience, would you trust anyone else?

Our engineers can attend to whatever switchgear requirement you have, from our off-the-shelf products to in-house built bespoke units to meet your requirements. We have the capabilities to design, construct, install and maintain your existing Switchgear. With our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, we can attend the site and complete any installation or servicing task quickly and effectively.

Johnson & Phillips provides service, maintenance, rebuilding, and supply/installation to all types of power distribution systems. With our experience, we know there are not many power systems out in the field we haven’t experienced or maintained in our time. From the most modern and dynamic systems to basic standalone fixed, there is nothing we cannot do.

Switchgear consists of circuit breakers and electrical disconnect switches that distribute, protect, and isolate circuits and equipment. High-voltage switchgear also continually monitors the circuits and provides data on a control panel.

Switchgear controls, protects and isolates electrical circuits using devices such as circuit breakers and relays, managing the flow and safety of electrical systems.

This differs from transformers because a transformer transfers electrical energy between circuits, changing voltage levels for efficient power distribution. They also consist of primary and secondary windings and a magnetic core and are crucial for voltage transformation and power transmission.

Switchgear controls, protects, and isolates electrical circuits using devices such as circuit breakers and relays, managing the flow and safety of electrical systems.

This differs from switchboards because a switchboard distributes electricity to various circuits within a facility. It contains panels with switches, fuses, and circuit breakers that route power to different areas, enabling control and monitoring of electrical distribution within a building or industrial site.

In electrical switchgear rooms, the following should be stored:

  1. Switchgear Equipment: Circuit breakers, relays, fuses, and other control and protective devices.
  2. Documentation: Maintenance manuals, operation guides, and schematics for the equipment.
  3. Safety Gear: Insulated gloves, face shields, fire extinguishers, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  4. Tools: Insulated tools for maintenance and repair tasks.
  5. Spare Parts: Replacement fuses, circuit breakers, relays, and other essential components.

To ensure safety and accessibility, non-essential items such as flammable materials, unrelated equipment, and other materials should be avoided.

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