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Transformer Services

Our Transformer Solutions

We supply, install, repair, and maintain a full range of products for all your power distribution transformers, including super low-loss amorphous core transformers to switchgear, battery chargers, and associated equipment.

Our transformer skills are second to none, and we offer the complete package

Transformer Design & Manufacturing

From concept to creation, we specialize in tailored transformer design and manufacturing services, ensuring high-quality, efficient solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients' power distribution systems.

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Transformer Testing & Inspection

Our comprehensive transformer testing and inspection services ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety, helping clients identify potential issues early and maintain the integrity of their power infrastructure.

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Transformer Maintenance & Repairs

Trust our expert team for thorough transformer maintenance and repairs, ensuring peak performance, longevity, and safety of your power infrastructure, backed by precision diagnostics and efficient solutions.

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Re-engineered Power Equipment

We are passionate about product life-cycle extension at Johnson & Phillips. Our roots lie in the re-engineering of power plant and our skilled engineers take great pride in returning used equipment to its original performance, as the day it was originally made.

With a long heritage in re-engineering, we make full use of existing resources and reduce the amount of industrial waste wherever possible, providing you with a responsible solution to your power generation needs. All re-engineered equipment is rigorously tested and complies with international standards. We also provide an industry-leading 2-year performance guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

The Cost-Effective & Eco-friendly Disposal Solution

With our unique buyback offer, you save on new equipment, we take your old equipment, together we benefit and recognise our environmental responsibility. Committed to sustainability principles we make use of existing resources, returning redundant equipment to original performance levels where possible and assuring safe disposal where not.

We guarantee buyback on our own transformer products and always offer buyback in conjunction with a transformer purchase. We will take away your redundant plant at the same time as delivering your new transformer(s). The result: Reliable, cost effective power packages that minimise site disruption, storage requirements and work hard for your budget and the environment.

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Why Choose Johnson & Phillips For Your Transformers?

We are the only high-voltage company to offer the full package. Our transformer services include maintaining, upgrading, refurbishing, installation, recycling, and redundancy.

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Protection Services

Protecting critical components such as power transformers and switchgear units is essential. We offer the following distribution transformer protection:

Power Transformer Upgrades

Transformers will need regular maintenance to keep up with the demand. Therefore, to increase the lifespan, transformer refurbishment and upgrades are advised, with such solutions including:

Facilities & Backup

We operate a fully equipped workshop staffed by personnel with a wide range of experience who carry out full refurbishment and repairs to all types of switchgear and distribution equipment.

Quality & Guarantee

We operate a strict Test and Inspection Procedure on all equipment leaving our workshop. The tests comply with all relevant British Standards and are approved by major industrial users and national companies.

For any enquiries regarding your distribution transformer, get in touch.

We offer a comprehensive range of transformer services, including supply, installation, repair, and maintenance of power distribution transformers. Our services also encompass tailored design and manufacturing, thorough testing and inspection, expert maintenance and repair, and cost-effective re-engineering and disposal of power equipment.

Signs such as overheating, abnormal noise, oil leaks, and erratic performance indicate the need for maintenance or repair. Our expert engineers can conduct thorough assessments to diagnose any issues that your transformer may or may not have.

Regular maintenance, proper load management, voltage regulation, and utilizing advanced transformer technologies can improve efficiency. Our engineers can provide recommendations tailored to your specific needs to enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Yes, we offer onsite testing and diagnostic services using state-of-the-art equipment to assess the condition and performance of power transformers. This helps identify any potential issues early on, allowing for timely maintenance and repair.

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