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Extensive Transformer Testing

Although transformers are generally reliable and robust, the rising number of ageing units in service means that many are starting to malfunction. If this is the case, it can cause costly damage and be more expensive to run, which is why you should perform regular tests to prevent any power supply issues.

At Johnson & Phillips, we can diagnose all these issues early on, preventing costly damage to the transformer and further increasing its life span. We also work nationwide, meaning wherever you are located, our team are on hand.

We perform thorough tests to ensure your transformers are operating at their maximum efficiency.

Repairing a transformer that has been running incorrectly for too long can be costly. Negative effects include overloading, overheating, ageing, moisture (acid, oxygen, leakages), mechanical damage, short circuits, switching surges, and much more.

In our transformer testing process, we check for mechanical changes to windings, shorted windings/coils, contact issues within the tap changer, short circuits of parallel lines, and much more. We can also test all types of transformers, regardless of their age or power output.

What’s Involved During Our Testing of Transformers?

Our testing procedure can be divided into certain sectors. These include bushings, CTs, leads, tap changers, insulation, windings, and core. At Johnson & Phillips, we regularly deal with these issues within each sector of a transformer.

Our team will also conduct an open circuit test and a short circuit test of your transformer. An open circuit test will show the amount of iron lost, whereas the short circuit test will show the core losses.

Once we have diagnosed an issue, we are not like most other companies that will leave you with the issue, we will go the extra mile and repair it too. Our corrective methods include replacing parts such as bushings, surge arresters, gaskets, pumps and fans, as well as maintaining auxiliary components of the transformer.

Some of our transformer testing methods include:

Electric Transformer Testing
Testing Transformers

Transformer Oil Testing

The oil used within a transformer is required for insulating and cooling. Over time, it can deteriorate and require testing to ensure that it’s still fit for purpose. We provide transformer oil testing nationwide and ensure that the oil meets the high standards it needs to be.

At Johnson & Phillips, we are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment to perform transformer oil testing on site. The machine applies a test voltage, which increases in intensity until a breakdown point of the oil is detected.

Transformer Oil Sampling

To test the oil, we take several samples to test its physical and chemical properties. From the sampling, we can detect the moisture content, power factor, dielectric breakdown, acid number, and much more.

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