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Voltage Management

Our Voltage Management Solutions

Our voltage management solutions guarantee peak performance and unwavering reliability, optimizing your electrical infrastructure with professional precision.

Experience perfected power with our tailored voltage management solutions.

For sites with a three-phase supply that typically uses over 300,000 kWh per year, Johnson & Phillips may be able to provide a bespoke solution. We offer a range of voltage management solutions to suit your business’s specific needs, and we will advise you of all possible alternatives.

We believe that the most common issue with voltage today is that the supply voltage may be higher than the necessary energy consumption. This is particularly the case if you have significant voltage-dependent loads, and our voltage management aims to resolve all these issues.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is the process of ensuring your voltage is not excessively high or low, and we continually see high grid voltages of 430V and above, which will damage connected equipment.

Therefore, with the installation of voltage optimisation units, we can ensure that all incoming supply voltage is as close to 230V as it can be for optimum performance with no wastage.

The benefits of installing a Voltage Optimisation System include:

Typical business customers who benefit from voltage optimisation are sites that use up to 300,000 kWh per annum.

However, Johnson & Phillips’ Voltage Management systems can be integrated into the energy efficiency plans of any organisation, from small industrial installations to the largest government departments. Some of our happy clients include Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Launderettes, Hotels, Funeral Parlours, GP Surgeries, Coffee Shops and Cafes, Gyms and Health Clubs, Small Industrial Units, Office Facilities, and Garden Centres.

Why Use Johnson Phillips For Voltage Management?

An average commercial site can expect to reduce its energy consumption by installing a voltage optimisation system by Johnson & Phillips. Among others, the main benefits would include:

For a free, no-obligation survey of your system or to talk to our experts about the bespoke systems we can provide for you, please feel free to contact us or call us on 0800 86 000 86.

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