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Upgrading Our Fleet

Upgrading Our Fleet

At Johnson & Philips, we take great pride in our fleet of vehicles that enable us to travel on all terrains. Some sites we visit may not be suitable for our vans, which is why we are investing in additional 4×4 vehicles. Unlike other companies that rely on their vans, our team has the resources to provide the best emergency support.

Some of our new 4×4 vehicles include the latest Volkswagen Amarok’s and Mercedes X-Class’s. They are equipped to carry our equipment and tackle anything from muddy fields to steep inclines. Below are three of our Amaroks that are powered by the new and improved V6 3.0 TDi engines.


It’s not just 4×4’s that we have added to our fleet because we also like updating our vans every other year. We recently visited Mercedes Benz Euro Commercials, picking up three brand-new Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans. After being impressed by the two Vitos we purchased earlier in the year, the larger Sprinter models were next on the list. The additional space available from the long-wheelbase Sprinter is ideal for jobs that require extra equipment in the back of the vans.

Once we had got our hands on the new Sprinters, they were driven straight to our unit for preparation. To ensure that we can safely navigate through sites in poor conditions, a number of lights were installed at the front and rear. The Johnson & Philips logos and information were also added to match the fleet.


At Johnson & Philips, we take care of our appearance, which is reflected in our fleet of vehicles. They are always ready and equipped for any emergency call-out. We have all the resources needed to take care of all your high-voltage equipment and do so to the highest of standards.

For more information, please call us on +44 (0) 800 86 000 86 or email us via info@johnsonphillips.co.uk.